Daily information on Covid-19 in Italy and in the World

How to use it
section "In Italy"
By clicking on the different regions, you can add them to the displaying data: the Information about that region will appear on all currently visible graphs. The list of graphs shown immediately following the map allows you to select the ones you want to see on the screen, and to hide the others. By clicking on the name of a region in the legend of a graph, it is possible temporarily hide the data related to that region, by clicking on "restore ", the page is taken to the initial loading situation. From the box "National data", you can see the data for all of Italy, and it is possible to plot the national trends. The button above the map of Italy allows you to format all the data with a normalized scale with respect to the population of the regions, and therefore to display in the graph the values ​​relating to the percentage of the population concerned; the same key then allows you to return to a scale with absolute values.

section "In the World"
Similarly, the data of the various nations of the world can be compared in this page. You can search for the different countries by clicking on the "choose a country" select, and you can enter text in the "search" field to filter the results. Once clicked, the data for a country is shown on all the active graphs. The list of charts allows you again to activate or deactivate the display of different types of data. From the box "Covid-19 in the world", you can see the data from all over the world, and it is possible to plot the global trends. By clicking on "restore ", you return the page to the initial loading situation.

About us
We are a group of students from the University of Trento, and we made this project to spread a simple and complete tool to consult the data about a complex situation like this in the most precise and effective way possible.

Sergio Povoli
Master of Science in Signal
Processing and Undestranding

Developer & Projecet Designer

Nicola Fiorello
Master of Science in Cloud
and Network Infrastructures

Developer & Projecet Designer

The extension of PandemicData to an information project through social channels has involved two new collaborators, who deal with communication.

Francesco Desimine
International studies
Social media & Communication

Cristina Marenda
International studies
Content Manager

They say about us
Some articles that mentioned us, some goals that we have achieved.

Use of PandemicData in the world

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Where is data from?
The pandemicData project collects information from multiple repositories. The data you see in the graphs and in the counts come from one of the repositories, or are the result of processing carried out from these. The processing and calculations performed on the data aim to simplify their visualization and not to alter its meaning or content.

The repositories are shown in the following table:

# Repository Owner Url data
1 Dati COVID-19 Italia Protezione Civile Italia https://github.com/pcm-dpc/COVID-19/ Information on the regions, state of the national trend.
2 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository Johns Hopkins CSSE https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19/ Information on the nations of the world, state of global trend.
3 Dedicated repository PandemicData.info Different types of information, copies of available data.

The aim of the project is not to replace official sources of information in any way, we take no responsibility neither for the data provided as from the source, nor for the one processed by our software.

The continuity of the service and the completeness of the data provided depend on the punctuality with which their managers will update the data on the various repositories.

This project is released for free consultation by all, the only restrictions on it are inherited from the conditions indicated in the external repositories to which we rely. In any case, the dissemination or reproduction, even partial, of this project for purposes other than educational, information or research is not allowed; in particular, it is forbidden for commercial purposes.

Privacy & credits
The platform is made with php, html5, css3, javascript. Jquery library, the graphic framework bootstrap and chartjs library are used; templates and local repository are hosted by delnHost.pro.

Personal data
We do not directly collect any data from our users, but we use services that may do so. We invite you to read our policy at the following link: Privacy Policy di pandemicdata.info

PandemicData does not use own cookies for profiling purposes. However, some services in use may do so. By visiting this site, you consent to the use of these services (google fonts, google maps, addToAny, fontAwesome) and accept our policy, available at the following address: Cookie policy for pandemicdata.info